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I had complications with my pregnancy (high blood pressure, finally led to pre-eclampsia). I was admitted to the hospital for observation for 2 days then had an emergency c-section. My total time in the hospital was 7 days. My baby girl was sent directly to the NICU and stayed there for 19 days before she was strong enough to come home (she is fine now, is completely healthy and true blessing to me and my husband).

I have Aflac's hospital indemnity policy. After a few weeks at home I called the hospital billing department and had them send me the UB04 hospital bills for both my daughter and I. I went online to the Aflac website and uploaded the bills via smart claim. The VERY next day Aflac direct deposited into my checking account $4,800 for my daughter's hospital stay (newborns are automatically covered for the first 30 days) and $1,800 for my hospital stay. They even paid another claim for $200 for my two previous ER visits I had while I was pregnant.

I didn't have to talk to anyone or answer any hard questions. I was so happy that I had this insurance before I was pregnant. The money made it possible for me to extend my maternity leave and spend more time with my daughter. After a very scary and difficult time, I was truly grateful that Aflac paid me what was due with no bureaucracy

I love Aflac and will never go without a cancer policy. When my brother was diagnosed with cancer when he was in college, he only had a few months of treatment and they were paid out over $23,000! Another lady I know had a husband who passed away from cancer. When she was going through his things, she found a old aflac policy that she didn't know he had. She called Aflac and handed over a notebook with 4 years worth of cancer treatment records in it, just hoping she might get something. she got a check for over $80,000! My husband and I get our wellness benefit every year and just hope we never have to use the policy for anything else, but I'm glad to know it's there if we do

My dad passed away from cancer, so as a Christmas gift to my mom, I bought her an AFLAC Cancer policy. She took advantage of the wellness benefit every year, as she looked forward to her check for $75. One year, that test came back with a Cancer diagnoses. Because of her quest for that yearly $75 benefit, the Cancer was caught at stage 0. She received treatment and has remained Cancer free now for 5 years. The best gift I could have ever gotten for myself, siblings and our entire family!